Wool Cape


For those of us who could never quite reach the top shelf, our handmade wool cape is an excellent choice. However, as our most popular mid-length cape, it suits the needs of adventurers of any stature.  

Measuring approximately 25" (63.5 cm) from the neckline in the front and 28" (71.2 cm) in the back, it will fall to about the waist on most and allows arms to move freely and fluidly.

We select a 18-25 oz wool blend of exceptional quality that is milled in the USA or Canada. Buying wool from a domestic supplier means that it is more costly than wool milled overseas, but we think that supporting local craftspeople is worth the extra investment.

Our wool cloaks are handcrafted in our studio in Maine. Wool-nylon blend, leather, solid metal button. Available in black, blue, charcoal, loden green, purple, red and spruce green.

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