3/4 Circle Cloak


Should you require even more drape and flair than our half-circle cloak, you will find plenty in the sweeping folds of our ¾-circle cloak. If you're looking to make the most of a dramatic entrance - or exit - this cloak is for you. This cloak is also ideal for customers who are 6'2" or taller.

Unlike our Half-Circle Cloak, the body of which is cut from one large piece of wool, the 3/4 circle cloak is constructed from panels of cloth, which requires more seams and can add bulkiness to the drape. That is why we recommend it only for those people who need it because of their height. This item is a custom cut item, and therefore is not returnable.

We need the following measurements for this cloak -

1. from the base of the neck to the floor in the front
2. from the base of the neck to the floor in the back
3. from the base of the neck across the shoulder to the floor
4. neck measurement

5. your height

We select a 18-25 oz wool blend of exceptional quality that is milled in Canada. Buying wool milled in North America means that it is more costly than wool from overseas, but we think that supporting local craftspeople is worth the extra investment.

Our wool cloaks are handcrafted in our studio in Maine. Wool-nylon blend, leather, solid metal button. Available in black, blue, burgundy, charcoal, loden green, purple, red and spruce green.  View button options.

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