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thy fair jewels of my gold and of my silver December 19, 2009 08:34

Somehow they look even more otherworldly and enticing in this case. It must be our friend Nick, of Heller Custom Woodworking, who makes even a simple display case look this good.

Display Case

Art of Crafting 101 December 18, 2009 15:12

Sometimes it is good to make a big mess.

Heather's Desk

Stay very busy and keep your workspace full of ideas. Sometimes if you let them all live in close proximity with one another, they will get cosy while you are gone and something new will be born in your absence.

Jeff's Wall

Muahahaha December 17, 2009 11:56

Perhaps you have been asking yourself where we get our inspiration?

lightbulb for brilliant inspiration

With treasures like this at hand, it is hard to keep up with all the mad ideas that are constantly flowing back and forth. (Just ask Jeff).

Szt!mpank - a magyar steampunk blog December 16, 2009 14:46 2 Comments

So we don't really know what they are saying, but everything seems to look more like an international spy story when it is in Hungarian. We're excited to have traffic on our site coming from our friends over in Europe.


Click over and check them out. With words like "elforgatásával" and "szerkesztője" you can't go wrong.

Flea Market Adventures December 15, 2009 14:04

There is little we enjoy more than digging through piles of really old stuff, talking to the picturesque vendors (and believe me, you haven't experienced picturesque until you try backwoods Maine), and generally making trouble among the flintlock pistols and farm implements.

Our latest installation of trouble-making brought us these old tintype photos:

Tintype Three

A tintype (or melainotype or ferrotype) is a photograph made creating a direct positive on a sheet of iron metal that is blackened by painting or enameling.

Tintype One

These ladies are especially lovely. (I am going to look like them when I grow up). We found these courtesy of Gerry Maxim, whose booth can be found on Saturdays and Sundays at Fort Andross, a beautifully restored textile mill on the Androscoggin River in Brunswick Maine. Look for new Neo-Victorian, pseudo-Piratical and faux-Fae inspirations as we interpret all of our new loot.

Owl Necklace for you midnight types December 01, 2009 18:02 1 Comment

Sometimes considered a symbol of death and destruction, owls are nocturnal creatures and in many cultures are associated with wisdom and sorcery. If you are fond of owls, take a look at our new Von Rothbart necklace.

Von Rothbart Necklace

Just Because - Chenille Macabre November 23, 2009 18:24

Xenichthys Gaming Figure

Our friend Gil is an artist when it comes to creating tiny monsters. Check out his etsy page.

The lost city of Atlantis was populated by scientists and scholars who also happened to be evil man-eating fish. Now this Xenichthys horribilis has been discovered and incarcerated- is he merely the last of the Atlanteans, or will he usher in a new war between the surface world and the sea...?

The Xenichthys Gaming Figure stands 2.5" (6.35 cm) high at the shoulder and measures approximately 6" (15.24 cm) long. His body is built from chenille stems, and his head and arms are removable to display damage from AMPUTHEATRE combat. The Xenichthys' fins are cut from funfoam, and his lower fangs are painted carpet tacks. His angler lure and lateral scales glow in the dark, and he is quite poseable!

PLEASE NOTE: Xenichthys is not a game in his own right; you will need the AMPUTHEATRE Rulebook and board in order to play (coming soon).

Patent 2005, 2009. AMPUTHEATRE, The World's Goriest Board Game, Xenichthys and their likenesses are Copyright 2009 by Gil Merritt. All rights reserved.

Mary Read Necklace November 21, 2009 13:44

Mary Read Necklace

If your life is in her hands...well, the outcome may be dicey. Born in the late 17th century, Mary Read was the illigitimate daughter of the widow of a sea captain. She spent much of her life disguised as a boy, and spent time as both a privateer and a pirate. She fought and won a duel against another pirate to save the life of her lover, a navigator aboard Calico Jack Rackham's ship.

The Mary Read Necklace is made with freshwater pearls, shell, horn, carnelian, fish bone, cinnabar, recycled glass, african sand-cast glass, lava, pyrite, brass, 14k gold-filled clasp and connectors and a replica hand-struck Spanish Escudo Dubloon, minted between 1651 and 1773.

The King is Dead! Long live the King! November 16, 2009 15:48

We've randomly selected the winner of our November drawing, and while we're waiting for them to hear about their prize, it is time to announce the next drawing! Join our mailing list (top right) for a chance to win a pair of the Elven Leaves Earrings on December 15th!


Hammer Shield November 11, 2009 16:12

We remain in love with these artfully modded nerf-guns made by our friend Mike at Hammer & Shield.  Hopefully they (and other weapons of destruction) will be appearing soon at Chrononaut Mercantile. We can think of some people who really need some high-powered accessories.


Launch your imagination with us! February 25, 2008 06:21

Welcome to the voyage of the Chrononought.  Travel with our team of chrononauts to new worlds of the imagination.  Peer through your goggles at places and scenes you have only dreamed of.  Together, we will discover new worlds and landscapes.

Heather and Jeff

Chrononaut Mercantile.