Chrononaut Coat July 11, 2016 16:40 2 Comments

We learned today that a company in India has copied our pirate coat and is selling it to other vendors as the "Chrononaut Coat". We are concerned that the marketing of this product which was made as an imitation of our design may lead to confusion, and wish to make it clear that we have not authorized or helped in the distribution of this product.

Our coats are sewn by Jeff in our studio in Maine out of heavy bull denim and real, high-quality garment leather. Unlike this costume version, our pirate coat can button open and closed, has inside and outside pockets, and is made to be outerwear clothing rather than a costume piece.

We understand that other merchants may have purchased this reproduction in good faith, but we urge them to use another name that does not refer to our small business which was incorporated in 2008. We believe that making beautiful clothing by hand in America is absolutely worth it, and we are grateful to all the customers that make it possible for us to continue every year.

All of our original designs are imagined and sketched by Jeff, and each pattern piece is hand drawn and cut out in our studio. Each piece of fabric is cut out and sewn together right here, with rolled seams and reinforced stitch lines to create a rugged garment that you can take out in the rain or snow, wear to a LARP, run in and fight in.

Thank you!

Heather and Jeff