Mary Read Necklace November 21, 2009 13:44

Mary Read Necklace

If your life is in her hands...well, the outcome may be dicey. Born in the late 17th century, Mary Read was the illigitimate daughter of the widow of a sea captain. She spent much of her life disguised as a boy, and spent time as both a privateer and a pirate. She fought and won a duel against another pirate to save the life of her lover, a navigator aboard Calico Jack Rackham's ship.

The Mary Read Necklace is made with freshwater pearls, shell, horn, carnelian, fish bone, cinnabar, recycled glass, african sand-cast glass, lava, pyrite, brass, 14k gold-filled clasp and connectors and a replica hand-struck Spanish Escudo Dubloon, minted between 1651 and 1773.